Sea Love

I am not much of a poet, but I still love writing out my thoughts and I hope to get better with practice. This is the first poem I’ve published for the world to read. Interpret it however you wish. Hope you enjoy, cheers xx

Your first dive into the pool

Will awaken your spirit

It will have you addicted

To the illusion of weightlessness

And make you crave deeper waters

It will call you by name

Charm you with its promises

Of a high so euphoric 

You will swear you have died

And found a home in the heavens 

But do not be fooled my darling

Because although you feel free

You are more trapped than before

Only able to watch your world go by

From the inside of an aquarium 

No to truly experience freedom 

You need to dive from the cliffs 

Plunge into the velvet blue curtains 

Lust after the powerful force

Of the all mighty ocean

You need to swim without fear

Of how far the earth is

From the bottom of your soles

To embrace the darkness

Of the shadows below you

You need to ride each unforgiving wave

Until every muscle aches

So that you grow stronger

With thicker skin

And a sharper tongue 

You need to strip away

All the armor that protects you

Expose your true self 

And allow every inch of your skin

To be touched by the warm waters

Only then will you be liberated

So instantaneously 

That your soul will take flight 

Pass the moon and stars

Venturing into distant worlds

Only then will your spirit

Feel an ecstasy so pure

Every cell in your body

Will ignite into a glow

Brighter than a supernova

Only then will you be caressed

By the gentle arms of the sea

To be rocked to a calm

Hushed to a silence 

Cleansed to the core