Year 20

Cheers to another beautiful year of life. My love for life and my appreciation for the amazing people in it has absolutely skyrocketed this past year. 365 days ago I would have never imagined myself living the life that I do, in the city that I’m in, and having the mindset that I do now. 

A year ago today I was feeling completely lost and unfulfilled with the life that I had chosen for myself, but I couldn’t pinpoint the reason why. What I did realize though was that I needed a change; one that would take me out of the bubble I was mentally living in. I didn’t want to live with any regrets and I knew for certain I would regret not taking this opportunity. My curiosity got the best of me and before I knew it I was buying a one-way ticket to the other side of the Earth. This was the start of the most beautiful chapter of my life so far. 

Year 20 will be remembered as the year I finally went off autopilot and started moving myself towards a more beautiful, adventurous, and wholesome life. It will be remembered as a year of great personal growth and mental healing. A year of maturing and building confidence. A year of trying something new every single day because this world is too incredible to be close minded. A year that has been so generously filled with new friendships and unforgettable memories. This is the year I fell back in love with my life.

I have always believed that you will get what you give, but I feel as though this year I’ve cheated life and won the lottery with the amount of kindness I’ve received by the people I’ve crossed paths with. Every friend I’ve made has taught me so much and I will always be so thankful for that. I moved to this country only 8 months ago and I’m still so shocked by the amount of hospitality, love, and kindness I’ve been given by my friends. There are incredible souls everywhere so don’t be afraid to explore the world. Take a chance because you never know when you’ll meet someone who changes your life for the better. One of my friends always tells me the phrase β€œLive your best life” and I truly feel that I am now.

Thank you to my mom and dad who have supported me through this crazy whirlwind of a year.

Thank you to Sabdy who has not only been my role model but my loving big sister.

Thank you so much to every single person who has gifted me with their kindness this year. 

Remember to love generously and live with an open heart and an open mind. 

With love,


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