Uncle Tetsu’s Angel Garden

Uncle Tetsu’s Angel Garden is one of the cutest dessert cafes I’ve been to in Sydney! Located conveniently at Regent Place (also one of my favorite centers) sits this cozy little shop. They specialize in delicious Japanese cheesecake and other sweet treats. Unlike traditional cheesecakes that are dense and heavy, the Japanese cheesecake is light and fluffy so it doesn’t leave you feeling too full. 

I always eat with my eyes and when I saw this adorable menu item I just had to get it. This is their Jopanda dessert. Soft serve macha ice cream with crushed graham cracker and garnished with whipped cream, macha jelly, and cute cookies. 

If you like the taste of macha then you’ll love their macha latte because it’s a pretty strong smelling drink (maybe a little too strong for my taste haha). Very beautifully presented I will say. 

All in all I’ll definitely be back to try more of their menu! 😋💚

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